Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin matching game

I found this pumpkin matching game printable at Little Gene Grean Bean and used it to make Bean a matching game.

This printable allows you to create your own pumpkins so I spent a lunch hour drawing and coloring. It was pretty fun. I think the faces turned out really cute.

I did not have any chipboard pieces or a laminating machine so I decided to use playing cards. I traced the playing card onto some scrapbook paper and cut them out.

Then I "snailed" and mod podged the scrapbook paper and the cut out pumpkin shapes onto the cards. They would be better if I could get them laminated. In lieu of a laminator, I might just apply some packing tape all around them. It's not high class craftiness but it'll do.

Bean loves playing with her "punkin cards". She's able to match them up quite well.



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