Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello Halloween Kitty

Hubz asked Bean what she wanted him to carve on her pumpkin. Her first response was "scary monster."  Hubz was excited by this.

He had me go online to find scary monster pumpkin patterns. Everything I showed Bean was "too scar-eee".

I kept scrolling through a website clicking on "next", "next", "next" when up pops a Hello Kitty pattern.

You would have thought The Great Pumpkin showed up at our house.

"Hello Kitteeee! Hello Kitteeee!!! Mommy, I want a Hello Kitteee plumpkin!!!"

Hubz moaned and groaned. "What happened to scary monsters, Bean? Hello Kitty isn't scary or cool."

"I wanna Hello Kitteee one, Daddy."

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