Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Beanism

I have a craft project or two to share with you all but my camera is not cooperating with me. Hopefully, I'll get them posted later tonight.

I wanted to share a funny Halloween "Bean-ism" with you all. This morning on the way to preschool, I tried to teach Bean the old "smell my feet" trick-or-treat song we used to sing as kids. Bean wasn't going for it.

Me: Okay, repeat after me. "Trick or treat."

Bean: Trick or tweet.

Me: "Smell my feet."

Bean: ...Smell my feet.

Me: "Give me something good to eat."

Bean: Give me someting good to eat.


Bean: People don't smell my feet. Ugh!

Me: Bean, that's just a little sing-songy thing you say at Halloween.

Bean: 'Dem people don't smell my feet.

Okay, fine. You got me. I guess it is weird telling people to smell your feet and then wanting them to give you candy. I'll just let everyone know right now...no one has to smell my feet in order to give me candy. I'm candy easy.

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