Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Advent Calendar - 2012

Last year for our advent calendar, we opened a new Christmas book each day.  That was a fabulous idea but I did not want 24 more Christmas books this year.  I'm still finding books I can't remember ever reading.

This idea was found on Pinterest and is an original from Martha Stewart.


Martha used baby socks and I'm sure all were brand-spanking-new, too.  Well, I'm no Martha!

Yes, I used some socks that we have actually had on our feet.  But they are clean.  It's not like I just took it off my foot and said "hey, you know this would look (and smell) real purty hanging on the fireplace".  I only say that about my underroos!

We also threw in some baby mittens in our version.  Take that, Martha!

Bean had fun putting the Hershey Kisses into the socks and mittens while I punched out the advent numbers. I found these by Living Locurto and printed them out.

We had already painted our clothespins white and had some red ribbon on hand.  We hung the socks and mittens up under our mantle.  This really turned out so cute and Bean loves it.

Thanks again, Martha, for the inspiration!