Monday, December 3, 2012

Bean and Santa

This weekend we did something completely new for us.  We received a flyer for a new pottery business in our town that was offering a chance to make a plate with Santa.  Basically, you go in and choose what size plate you want to make, then your child has their hand painted and stamped onto the plate.  Then Santa's hand gets painted and stamped next to your child's.  The plate is finished up with "Santa and Me" and the year and some decorative flourishes.

Bean loved having her hand painted up and she also chose a reindeer to paint all by herself.  It was fun watching her concentrate and look so serious while painting.

She also got to spend a few minutes with the Big Guy himself and have her picture taken.  Here she is giving Santa the picture and candy cane she made for him the night before.

I loved this because it was in an intimate setting and she really got to spend as much time talking to him as she wanted.  She even got to go back up because she forgot to tell him something.  There were no long lines, no pushing or shoving.  It was just a sweet setting.  I am really glad we heard about this.

We get to view our pictures soon and pick up our plate and little reindeer in about two weeks.  We can't wait to see how they turned out.

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