Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY: Redneck Pool

I thought I'd share this extremely helpful tutorial we came up with on beating the summer heat.

We do not have a pool.  We are not encumbered with monetary gains sufficient enough for such a recreational accessory.  (Like that? I used all the big words I could and I hope I used them all correctly.)

Yep, we be broke.

So when it's hot outside and you be broke like us, you have to invent ways to cool off.

Enter my brand new DIY idea - THE REDNECK POOL.

Here's what you need for such an undertaking of these magnanimous proportions.  (I'm going with that but I might not have used all those words correctly.  Such is life.)

1)  Galvanized tub - this one may or may not normally be used to wash our beloved doggies in.  If you don't see any problem with that, then yes, we use it to wash the dogs.  If you think it's gross, we've never washed a single animal in there and we never would.

2)  Water.

3)  Willing test participant.

Throw them all together.  Mix thoroughly.



Enjoy the remaining days of summer!

1 comment:

Teri M said...

To your child, that is heavenly and not at all redneck. Love it!