Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Life sucks sometimes.

Once again there seems to have been a blogging drought around here.  Real life sometimes has a way of sucking, I guess.  Sometimes it has a way of reminding you that it is a privilege to be alive, too.

Why does life suck right now?

Some of you know that our sweet beagle puppy Ollie got sick recently.  And I mean really sick.  He was diagnosed with parvo.  Parvo is a virus that can affect a dog's stomach or heart.  Ollie's is in his stomach.

He has been in the vet's 24 hour care for a week now.  Yesterday was the first day of any actual real improvement.  He is still getting sick to his stomach and he has lost a lot of weight.  Yesterday Bean and I stopped by to see him and it was the first time in a week that we saw him on his feet, and wagging his tail.

I am hoping he will turn this final corner, stop getting sick and manages to keep some food down, and get to come home.  SOON.  FAST.

Many of my friends have been sending prayers and wonderful positive thoughts Ollie's way and he wags his tail to them all and I thank them all very much.

Okay, so I've given you the reason why life sucks right now.

Why does it not suck?

Because we (us two-leggers) have our health, we have each other, we have food and a roof over our heads.  We have loving and supportive friends and family.  We have jobs.  We have God.  We have many, many blessings.

And we are thankful for them all.

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