Thursday, October 13, 2011

Etsy Share #12 - Vampire Love

I haven't been posting this week because I am in the middle of a big project at work.  Two of them actually but hopefully I'll finish one today and the other will definitely be finished tomorrow.  Sorry for the lack of really great, insightful, thought provoking posts and really cute pictures of some little kid that you all are used to getting from me.  (I can't stop laughing at my own jokes!)

But now, welcome to Etsy Share!  This week's theme is


Anything vampire related - red, tv shows, movies, Halloween, moonlight, fangs, true love, heck, even garlic!  Anything goes.

I love vampire shows and movies.  Some of my favorite vamps are John Mitchell from Being Human, and I mean the BBC version featuring Aidan Turner, not the American version, Eric Northman from True Blood, and Damon from Vampire Diaries.

Aidan Turner Picture

Oh no, look!  I just posted my Christmas wish list...oh wait, nope, I'm talking about hot vampires.  Well, either way, really.  If y'all have one of these cuties, I'd be happy to take one for Christmas!  Anyhoo!

Here's my treasury.  Please share a link to yours in the comments below.

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