Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Introducing Play Pretties - my shop

Okay, here goes...

I am excited to show you all my new shop I've just opened on Store Envy/Facebook.  It's called

Play Pretties is named in honor of my Granny, my Mom's mom.  When I was growing up, my parents both worked full time.  We lived next door to my grandmother and I would stay with her while they were at work or after school.  She took care of me and taught me a lot.

Granny loved to sew and crochet.  These are two things she didn't teach me.  LOL  Well, she TRIED but these teaching sessions would usually end in her putting her hands over mine and saying "why don't we try again later?"

I always had a collection of toys at my Granny's house and everyday she would tell me that it was time to pick up "my play pretties".  I have always loved this phrase and I find myself saying this to Bean now.  The only difference is my grandmother got much better results after saying this than I ever do.

Recently, I found a mason jar full of old buttons that she had saved.  Granny used to have many of these jars in her closet.  She kept every loose button she ever found.  When I saw this jar, I knew I wanted to make something with them.  I had been thinking of making Bean some hairbows and thought that maybe I could incorporate these buttons some how.

After making a supply of these button and felt flowers and getting compliments on them, I thought maybe I could open a shop and try to sell a few.  My Granny immediately came to mind.  Since I used her buttons to make these flowers, I thought of her "play pretties" phrase and knew I had found my shop name.  What better way to share my Granny with everyone than to use one of her classic phrases and her collection of buttons.

So that is how Play Pretties was born.

Here are some of the items I have for sale.


I am still adding items to the store.  I also have some new styles as well.  I have just made my first head band and will be adding some of those soon.  I will also be opening an Etsy shop and will share that link once I re-tool it a bit.  If you are local to me and would prefer to not have your item shipped, we can arrange that, too.

I hope you all will take a minute or two and stop by my shop.  I'd love to share some of my Granny's inspiration with you all.

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