Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When Moms Attack.

I came across this post from I Am Mommy.  She previously posted a very cute recipe for Rainbow Pancakes.

 *Picture property of I Am Mommy.

After sharing that recipe, she received a lot of positive feedback.  But with the good came the bad.  People opposed to serving children foods with added food coloring decided to share their opinions with I Am Mommy.  And they weren't very nice.  Actually, a lot of them were downright dirty and nasty in their comments.

This led I Am Mommy to pose the question of 'are bloggers fair game'?  Are you afraid of hearing people's negative comments on the things you share?  Does it change what you write? 

I have had these fears in the past.  I believe that as a blogger, if you want to gain an audience to read your thoughts on whatever is going on in your little corner of the world, you should be honest with your readers.  But I will admit there have been a few times in the past that I've written something and thought "should I share that" or "maybe I'll leave that part out".

I just knew after writing this post about an incident involving my daughter and my handgun that I was going to be roasted alive and that the readers I did have were going to stop reading.  I honestly believed that.  But I wanted to share what had happened so that if any other person out there learned something from my mistakes, it would make the situation a positive one.  (Thank God nothing horrible happened but I'm sure you understand all the "what ifs" that went through my mind that day.)

My readers didn't toss me away.  In fact, I received so many positive comments that I knew I did the right thing by sharing.  Maybe the person that learned the most from that situation was me, not only in being more careful with my purse and my child, but also in giving my readers more credit than I had before.

And yes, I am still living in my virgin blogverse where no one has told me I'm a horrible mother or that I shouldn't procreate like they told I Am Mommy.  If I keep writing and sharing I know my time will come.  So should I stop writing and sharing my little corner?  I don't think so.  And I don't think I Am Mommy should take all those horrible comments to heart.  She could look at it like this - while all those commenters were being so sanctimonious about not giving their kids food coloring, they also weren't teaching their children that it's okay to be different, to have different opinions and to like different things.  They didn't teach "love thy neighbor" when they took the time to knock her parenting skills.  No lessons on patience or love.  The lessons taught by their actions were not anything to be proud or sanctimonious over.  They definitely did not lead by example.

Maybe that is the lesson we all should take from this.  Now, I feel like making some pancakes. 

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