Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pinkie's Picks - The Crafty Ones

Recently I shared some links to other sites in the blogosphere that I found helpful or have inspired me to be creative. I really liked doing that post and decided that I would incorporate a new feature here called Pinkie's Picks. Listen, I know that's not that original but even that took me a good few minutes to come up with. Anyways, it's not about the name, it's about the sharing. And I'm nothing if not a sharer. (Hush, Hubz.)

This week I thought I'd pass along some links to some crafty and creative blogs that have inspired me to create or at least think about creating something. I'm nothing if not ambitious. (Hush, Hubz.) So here we go and I hope you can find something that makes you feel crafty, too.

I made my own Easter egg wreath after reading this post on This is My Life.

Here's my wreath. I know it's not as pretty as Cindi's from This is My Life but I think it's cute.

When did I have the idea that I could make one of these wreaths?
About three weeks before Easter.

When did I actually sit down and make my wreath?
The night before Easter.

Is said wreath still hanging up in my house?
Why, yes, it is! But at least it's on the inside of the front door and not outside where all my neighbors can see how lazy and unorganized I am. Hey. I burned my danged fingers many, many times - okay, three, I burned them three times - so I think I should get a little bit of mileage out of my pain and suffering. Ummkay?

I haven't signed up for any of these courses at My Creative Classroom yet but I am planning on doing some of the stamping techniques and the paper crafts classes.  I'd love to have a Big Shot or a Cricut and if I ever get one, I'm definitely gonna sign up for some of their die-cut machine classes.  They have free classes, too.  I'm nothing if not frugal.  (Hubz!  Stop snickering!)

One of my favorite blogs to peruse is The Beehive Cottage.  I love how she decorates and creates.  She has a tutorial on making your own pink laundry detergent that I'm going to try soon.  (Yep.  Pink.)  I have tried to make my own before but here's a tip to anyone that is thinking of trying it:  when the recipe says finely grated, it really means finely grated.  Just grated is just gonna cake up on your clothes and then you're gonna have to pull out the store-bought stuff to clean up your mess.  I'm just sayin'.

MaryJane also has her own vintage trailer that I want to steal.  After I read about her trailer, I texted Hubz and told him to start the search.  For some reason, he just laughed at me.  I don't think he realizes how much I want my very own playhouse, or playtrailer, I guess.

I think I've mentioned that I've started card making and I am absolutely in love with learning how to do everything.  I found The Funkie Junkie one day and I love all of her cards.  I sent her an email after reading one of her posts.  I asked how she did something and I figured I'd never hear from her.  She sent me a detailed email that same afternoon and shared some great ideas with me.  She didn't think my questions were dumb and I really enjoyed chatting with her.  I hope to one day be as creative in my card making as she is.  A girl can hope, can't she?

Alison from House of Hepworth's has shown me that it is okay to spray paint just about anything.  I have an upcoming post about redoing a tricycle for Bean that will show everyone that the old "you can spray paint just about anything" rule doesn't always apply.  Or at least it doesn't when the sprayer isn't smarter than the spray can.  Stay tuned.  You'll see.

I just found this blog, Happy Little Art, last week.  I have my grandmother's and my mother's sewing machines in storage. I've wanted to get a new machine to teach myself how to sew.  Most people tell me I should use one of the ones I already have.  But if I were to break my Granny's or my Mom's machines, I would hate it.  Maybe I should try, though.  This post makes me want to get started now.

Hopefully something here inspires you.  If you haven't been inspired to do your own creating, then maybe I've at least inspired you to come back soon to see how I have messed up my own craft projects.  I'm nothing if not...oh, nevermind.
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