Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm special and I have an award to prove it!

While checking my email this morning, I received a message from a fellow blogger, Adriana PK from The Busy Pepper Mill. In her message, Adriana said she had included me in an Honest Scrap Award post. Isn't that sweet? I love to hear from fellow bloggers and this was such a nice way to start the day. I knew I had a very hard day ahead of me with having to post on here that my husband was right about something so to get an award for someone liking my blog made writing that God awful post bearable. Thank you, Adriana!!!!!

Now as to the business of the award - I must tell you 10 random things about myself. It would be easier to tell you 10 random things about Bean but that's not the deal so here goes.

1. I can beat Hubz at air hockey almost every time.
2. My favorite color is pink. (What? You already knew that? Okay, okay.)
3. I watched a taped episode of Destination Truth last night that creeped me out so badly that I had to turn it off half way through and then sleep with a night light on.
4. I hate coconut. Love the smell, hate the texture.
5. I can generally pick up just about anything on the computer with relative ease except for Photoshop and HTML.  I don't understand why these have been so hard for me to figure out.
6. I used to be a travel agent way back when.
7. We have too much debt. This is something I've thought of sharing here but have been reluctant to discuss but it's true.
8. I used to absolutely hate, hate, hate my middle name and would not allow anyone to utter it around me except for my Uncle Jimmy. He's the only one that got a pass. But now I like it. I might even say I really like it.
9. There are countless things in a week that come up that I wished I could ask my mom about. She passed away in 1997 but I have a long list of things to talk about when I see her next. LOL
10. With all the hoopla over 2012, I've decided not to shop for Christmas presents until after 12-21-12. Why bother racking up more bills if I don't have to?

There. There's all the junk info I could think of this morning. Now, I have to take care of the second part of the award. I have to send this award onto 10 blogs that I really love to read or have made a difference to me. It's hard to narrow it down because honestly, I love all the blogs I visit and have learned so much from so many in Bloggyland. I hope maybe you'll find someone new to learn from, too.

1. I Am Mommy - especially after the week she's had with the pancakes and the exploding oven.
2. April Showers - She designed what you see here. If you like it, she's the reason. If you don't like it, she's the reason.  ;)
3. Tracy's Food for Thought - Tracy is my oldest friend. No, not "old" like that. I have been friends with her since first grade. She has seen me through all my bad hair and still loves me. She is trying to get her recipe blog off the ground and I'm trying to get her to just make the food for me and deliver it.
4. The Mighty M Family - I love to see the photos of her children. They always make me smile. She was one of the first people to regularly leave me comments. She validated me. Awwww.
5. Haas Family Blessings - I met Holly on Cafe Mom. She has a daughter the same age as Bean and we've followed each other's lives over the internet for the past 2 years. Holly is preggo again. Yay! She's one of those "annoying" girls that actually loses weight in pregnancy. LOL She is very tiny and I am a big, fat hater. I still have baby weight left from Bean. Holly, I'll send it to you, okay? Please, let me.
6. Heydorca's Blog - She will probably, most likely, kill me for sending this award her way. But I have to say that she inspires me. Well, not physically cause I haven't gotten off the couch, but emotionally, I'm super inspired. Susan is on a quest to get in shape by her 50th birthday. She has taken us along the way and I get tired just reading her posts of her workouts. She is doing the work and she will reach her goal. I just know it.
7. This Belle Rocks! - I swear I believe that Ms. Belle and I were separated at birth. We like the same books, men, most music. It always makes me laugh when she posts something she is reading and watching because it's usually the same thing I'm doing, too.
8. Beneath My Heart - Traci writes these posts called Wednesdays with Wanda. Wanda was her mother and to me, these posts are love letters to her mom. They touch me every time I read them and have inspired me to maybe one day share more about my mom with you all. There is no greater gift in a girl's life than to have a wonderful, loving mother. That's my opinion anyways. I know not everyone has a kind mother but Traci did and she shares her with us all the time.
9. Just Simply Cook - Another recipe blog that I love. She has recipes for homemade Krispy Kreme doughnuts and a S'Mores cake. A S'Mores cake, people! 'Nuff said.
10. The Funkie Junkie - I shared with you last week finding Linda's blog and sending her an email asking how she made some of her beautiful creations. Because she was so very nice to me in her reply, and because she makes the cards I wish I made, I'm sending her this little award, too. Thanks for sharing your time and ideas with me.

Thanks again to Adriana.

Enjoy and remember to try to inspire others.

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