Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am now a professional.

That's right. I have professionalized myself.  (Is that a word?)

Most of you have already seen this...because, well, you have eyes and all, but I now have a blog button. Woohoo! That's makes me official. Official where? I dunno. But I'm official. April with April Showers Blog Design who performed a blog rehaul on ole Pinkie and The Bean made it for me.  I wuvs it.  And yes, feel free to take it and display it on your own beautiful blogs. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Okay. Not only do I have a blog button, but I also have set up a Facebook Fan Page. Thank God for Facebook. Before them, I actually had to work at work because it was too hard to pull off reading a paperback secretly and really there wasn't anything else more interesting to do other So please add yourselves as a fan of Pinkie and the star of our show, Bean. It will probably be the most worthwhile thing you do all day. Or not.

Also, oh I almost forgot, I have also set up a new Twitter account for this blog. You can find us there by searching for @PinkieBean or clicking here. I have a Twitter button on the NavBar up there (look up cause I don't do graphics) but I am experiencing some technical difficulties with some of those buttons and I am waiting on April to swoop in and save me/fix them for me.

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