Monday, September 20, 2010

It was a Fair weekend.

This weekend was filled with small town, hometown festivals for us. On Saturday, after a very sad day for Hubz - his beloved Georgia Bulldogs lost - I was able to talk him into taking the Bean and I to Founder's Day in our hometown. Founder's Day has booths, a small midway, fireworks and food. I knew Bean would love riding the toddler rides. Boy, did she. She rode them all twice and still wanted more.

She got to ride a motor boat.

For some reason, she has started doing this "chin way up in the air" thing when you tell her to smile for the camera.  I guess she is proud of her chin or maybe how far her neck will stretch.  I dunno.  Hopefully she will grow out of it. 

Then it was on to the carousel.

Daddy got to ride the carousel, too.  Daddy wasn't as thrilled as Bean but...whaddaya gonna do?  Mommy was off the designated kid-holder/rider list due to a sinus attack she is still trying to get over.  I knew going round and round was not the best thing for me that night. 

Then it was off to forage for fair food.  Have you ever seen or tried deep fried oreos?  I hadn't so I decided to stick with the good ole American favorite of hot dogs.  Just after we sat down to eat, the fireworks show started.  Bean decided she didn't want anything to do with the hot dog or the fireworks and tried her best to hide under my arm pit.  Finally, Daddy was able to talk her down and she decided fireworks weren't so bad as long as Daddy was holding her. 

Fireworks down, hot dog eaten, and an outfit change later thanks to ketchup on said hot dog, we were back riding rides.  Bean loves trains and she hoped right up and got in the engine compartment because she wanted to drive.  So did another little girl.  Bean wasn't sure she needed a co-pilot but decided to give it a go.

On Sunday, we went with the in-laws to Heritage Days, an antique tractor show, in a local town.  No rides at Heritage Days unless you bring your own John Deere.  Bean decided she wasn't really into antique tractors and spent part of the day in her stroller with the top down over her head.  I guess maybe she just wanted some alone time.  What finally got Bean out of her bad mood?  Bracelets and lollipops. 

Girl after my own heart. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, too.

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