Friday, October 25, 2013

Get on your broom and ride!

Witch's Broom Revamp

This Halloween Bean wanted to be a witch.  I have no idea why because she doesn't watch anything with witches in it.  But I was just glad she didn't pick out anything that reminded me of Hooker Spice so I was fine with the witch idea.

We went off to Party City in search of an acceptable witchy costume and Bean found one called Miss Matched Witch.  It is all different colors (my fave) so of course that was the one.  She also wanted a broom to go with the costume.

We found one but thought it was kinda plain.

No fear!  Mommy can slap some crap on it and call it pretty!

Excuse the pictures because 1) I remembered I needed to pretty it up around 9pm the night before she needed it for her school carnival and 2) do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a long, tiny broom?  It's hard.

I started off by spray painting the entire broom black.  At this point I wasn't really sure what exactly was gonna get slapped onto this thing so I figured I might as well spray paint the whole thing.  I used Krylon Short Cuts in black because I knew I didn't need a whole bunch of paint.  Then I sprayed the bottom part of the broom (what's that called?  The wiskers, wisk, part I don't use much?) with Krylon Glitter Paint.

Can I just stop a moment and tell y'all that I have found my new best friend in this Krylon Glitter paint?  It is amazeballs and I love it.  This weekend I think I'll spray it on everything in my house.  Maybe even the dogs.

Pardon this crappy picture.
God's gift to glitter lovers.
Thank ya, Jesus!
After all that fabulousness dried, I wrapped the handle in wide purple satin ribbon.  Then I used this cute Trick or Treat ribbon to dress it up.  This ribbon really goes well with Bean's costume.

Eat Rick?  Is this Walking Dead ribbon?
It still needed something more than paint, glitter and ribbon, I thought.  So I wrapped the top of the wisky part with orange baker's twine.

This is the best picture I could get of the finished project.  I know you can't see the whole thing but just use your imaginations, kids.

Ready to ride.
When I showed it to Bean the next day, she loved it.  And here is the Miss Matched Witch herself enjoying her new ride.

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