Thursday, August 16, 2012

The First Day of Pre-K (sob, sniffle)

Today was the first day of Pre-K in our house.

Yes, I know.  In my mind, she just learned to walk and now you're telling me she's in Pre-K.  You jest.

You don't jest?  Well, I'd prefer the jesting because this alternative is too crazy for me to wrap my mind around.

Yesterday I went to the Meet the Teachers orientation and I kept thinking "we aren't old enough to be here".  

Sadly, I am mistaken.  I just kept hugging her all day yesterday.  I think it got on her nerves.  Too bad.

And this morning dropping her off, she says to me, "I can get out of the car and go in by myself".

Oh, no.  No, no, no.  No, you can't, Missy!  I MUST walk you in myself.  That's my job.  We can do the drop and roll tomorrow morning but today is my day and I'm walking you in.  That's what I said in my head. What I said to her was "But honey, I have to get out and help you get all your supplies inside.  You don't want to tote all this yourself, do you?"

"Okay, Mommy."

Whew.  That was close.

I made it in with no tears.  She made it in with huge smiles.  Traitor.

Bean ran up to her new teacher and gave her a rose she picked off our rose bush.  Then she was ready to wash her hands and take her seat.


Um, where is Mommy's hug and kisses?

Then she's skipping off to begin her life as a Pre-K student and I rush back to my car.

All along the way I was told "Good morning", "have a great day".  I just wanted to get in the car.  No chit chat today.

I got in and started crying.  And that's okay because I guess that's what I'm supposed to do.  That's a Mom thing.

But I knew that while I was crying that my baby girl is growing up too fast, I knew that she was in her class smiling and enjoying herself and being excited to be a big girl.

And that's the way it should be.

We are very proud of you, Baby Bean.  We love you very much.  


Teri M said...

So adorable. She has grown up so you are well aware. ;-)

Pinkie said...

@Teri Yes, and if I ever forget, she's happy to remind me! LOL

Holly said...

aw. you are just doing the reg mommy thing when kiddos go to school. the girls are getting so big. it's not fair!