Friday, April 20, 2012

Mission: Earning a Free Kindle

I have been wanting a Kindle forever.  Since the very first version was released, I guess.  I do have the Kindle app on my phone but well, I'm gettin' older and it hurts my eyes to read a long time on the phone screen.  But really I think buying one is an expense that I just cannot justify at this time.  I enter every contest I see for one but so far the bots haven't picked my name.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email saying I had won a $100 Amazon gift card from Best Toys Guide.  Those bots there seemed to like me.  I thought about saving it for Christmas presents which is basically what I did last year.  I saved up almost $200 in Amazon cards and was able to help Santa get Bean's and other's presents with them.

But you know as soon as you type in into your computer, you are met with pictures of their purdy Kindle Fire.  I paused for a moment.  Okay, maybe it was five or so moments.  I clicked on the link to the Kindle Fire and the wheels started turning.

Kindle Fire: upright, angled view

Can I somehow earn a free Kindle Fire?

Well, I have this $100 gift card thanks to the fine folks at Best Toys Guide, and I remembered I had purchased a daily deal from Amazon Local for a $10 Amazon gift card for $5 a while back.

Okay, so now I have $110 towards a $199 Kindle Fire.  That's not bad. It leaves me only paying $89 for a $200 device.

But again, my wheels were turning, the rust was falling off, and I tried to remember how exactly I went about earning all of those Amazon credits last year.  Some of them were from blog reviews.

My other big source for free Amazon credits was  Yep, I earned several Amazon cards just by searching for things through Swagbucks.  So I went there to see what my latest bucks total was and I'm not quite there yet for another card but I don't think it will take much longer.

I also remembered that some of the survey sites I belong to will reward you with Amazon credits too.  I am very close to two cards using some of these sites.

So my mission right now is trying to earn a completely free Kindle Fire.  $110 down, $89 to go.

I will update this as I earn more credits.  Maybe I can share info and help you all earn some credits, too.

Do you know of ways to earn Amazon credits that you'd like to share?

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