Monday, March 26, 2012

Poodle Makeover

Along with Oliver, we do have another dog child named Chili.  Chili was my husband's dog that he brought into the marriage.  Chili is definitely Hubz' dog.  He will follow Hubz all over the house and usually only listens to Hubz, too.  Even after all this time, I think he is just now learning to tolerate Bean and I.  Maybe it's because he's getting older or maybe he really has grown to love us, too.  I'm betting on the "older" of that equation.

Last weekend, Hubz went fishing so Bean and I hung around the house all day.  At one point, Bean let the doggies back in the house from the backyard.  She loves to boss Oliver around and chase Chili around to try and get him to pay her some attention.  I think she has figured out that Chili is just tolerating the two of us being in his Master's house and so it has become her mission to make this dog play with her.

I remember at some point that afternoon telling Bean that she needed to put the dogs back outside so they could run around and go potty.  About an hour afterwards, Hubz came home.  I was in the kitchen as he was walking through and looking out the windows into the backyard.

I heard him say "what the h....ippopotamus is that on my dog".  He does not really hold back on his bad words, but since I'm trying to maintain some dignity here on Pinkie and the Bean, you get the censored version.

He goes over to the door and lets the dogs in, grabs up Chili and says to me "Do you think this is funny?"

Well, I had not noticed it before but now that he had drawn my attention to the dog, yeah, I think it was VERY funny.

This is what happens to a dog that plays with a 4 year old.

Bean accessorized Chili.  I think it is funny but even more than that I think it is very cute!

I showed this picture to a friend of mine that is very animal friendly.  She said "is that blood on his ear?"  I had to laugh because I didn't see this either that day but nope, that's lip gloss.  She must have given him a kiss, too, or tried to apply it to him.

I have vowed to myself that the next time Hubz goes fishing, Bean and I are going to put this necklace back on Chili and also paint his nails and add some bows to his hair.  I can't wait for that reaction!

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