Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Advent Calendar - Bookworm Style.

I ran across this idea of a book advent calendar last year on several other blogs and thought it was brilliant.

We have a basket that holds 24 gift wrapped Christmas-themed books.  Well, there WILL be 24 books in it soon.  This is one advantage to having a kid that can't count yet - you can go right along after you realize you miscounted and didn't get enough books to make 24.

Don't tell her.  She loves this idea and is so excited about it.  Santa's helper will just sneak a few more in one night.

But here's our little basket of books.  She will open one book each night before Christmas.  (Sorry for the picture quality.  Once I showed it to her, Bean was too excited to wait so I could get a better picture.)  Preplanning is my not strong suit.

Last night Bean opened the first book.  She can choose whichever book from the box that she wants each night.  She has become an Olympic-style unwrapping fiend.

The book that marked December 1st was Gingerbread Mouse.

I can't vouch for the story yet as Hubz was the one to read it at bedtime.  I will try to share a picture of each night's book as we move along towards Christmas.

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