Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finding our Christmas Tree

On Sunday, we went out in search for our Christmas tree.  I wanted to go to the beloved Christmas tree farm that we've been to a couple of times.  I mean, they have bunnies.  Bunnies in Santa hats.  What more could you want in a tree farm?

Hubz did not want to go to the tree farm.  He evidently hates bunnies or Santa hats or something.  He wanted to go to Home Depot because it's closer.

Home Depot?  What kind of holiday memories can we make at Home Depot?  "Oh hurry!  I can't wait to get to Aisle 5!!!"

Nobody says that.  Aisle 5 is not Christmas-magical.  It's just the same dang Aisle 5 that's there all year long.  You know what I mean?

I wanted to go to a place where we could make beautiful, loving family memories that Hubz and I will be able to remember when we are old and grey and peeing ourselves in our rocking chairs.  You can't get that at Home Depot.

Hubz evidently hates family memories, too, cause Home Depot won out.

Bean ran all over looking at one tree and then the next.  She was having a ball.  "Make this one stand up, Daddy!"  "I wanna see this one, Daddy!"  "We have to get a really big tree, Mommy."  She was hard to keep up with.

Mommy ultimately chose the tree.   I think by that time they all looked the same to Bean and Hubz was too scared to say anything after my parking lot meltdown over family memories and pee-stained rocking chairs.

We even picked out a smaller tree for Bean.  We did this last year at the tree farm and she loved being able to decorate a tree her own size.  That one only cost $5 though. See, another "pro" for the tree farm.

I will say that I think I need to remember that we can make memories anywhere.  We don't have to go to any special place to create them.  It just really adds to the scenery.  The love and the time together is still there.  I know Bean had fun and I will always remember that.

So...that's all good and well but since Hubz messed up my "scenery", his picture is going up.

Here he is being manly by trying to get the tree on top of the car.  Work it!

Here's Bean taking a break from all the action and sneaking a sip or twelve from Daddy's Dr. Pepper.

Oh, look!  Hubz is still fighting with that tree.  If we had gone to the tree farm, the guys there would have put it up on the car for him. Hmmmm....

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