Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"The Bampire"

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday - Christmas or Hanukkah, whichever is your choice.  I'm aiming to share a holiday re-cap post showing some snapshots of our Christmas.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a little ditty of something that Bean did a week before Christmas.

I was at my computer working.  Hubz was in the living room watching tv.  Bean was...well...that was a good question.  She had been noticeably quiet for a few minutes and THAT IS NEVER A GOOD THING.  When your toddler gets quiet, they aren't meditating.  They aren't contemplating life's mysteries.  They aren't trying to cure cancer either.

They are up to no dang good.  Trust me.  It's a rule of thumb that has never been proven wrong.

I asked Hubz what Bean was doing.  Deep in concentration over the football game of the moment, he mumbled "in her room playing".  Uh oh.  I looked around the corner and her bedroom door was closed.  We...I...have a rule that she is not allowed to play in her room with the door closed.  This rule came from a hard lesson I learned awhile back.  One day in the middle of cleaning out her closet, I left the room to go put clothes in the dryer.  When I came back, one whole corner of the room was covered in baby powder.  It literally looked like it had snowed there.  All over her little tv, all over her desk, the wall, and in the carpet.  From a reenactment, she demonstrated how she had stood there and squeezed the life out of this container of baby powder.  "Watch Mommy!".  So that began the rule of the door must always be open.

The door was now closed.  Again - uh oh.


I hear the door open and out she comes running.  Then I hear Hubz laughing.  The next moment THIS was shoved in my face...

I will admit I let out a small shriek.

I look down at my darling child and she has the biggest grin on her face.  She says...

"Look, Mommy!  I made her into a bampire!"

Uh huh.  Poor doll.  Strange kid.

I said "Well, technically, since you made her green, doesn't that make her a zombie?"

"No, Mommy, she a bampire."

Okay.  Bampire it is.

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