Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Trick or Treat Day!

Bean is very excited that "Halloween Day" has finally gotten here.  She has asked every day if it is time for her to wear her Cinderella costume and her "high heels" that light up.

Last night she helped her Daddy carve the pumpkin.  Hubz found a picture of Mickey Mouse and asked Bean if she wanted him on her pumpkin.

She said "Uh, no.  But we can have a Minnie Mouse."

So Hubz agreed.  I have to brag on Hubz a little bit.  He found a picture of Minnie Mouse on his phone web browser and free handed the stencil he used to carve her face.  I was amazed.  I had no idea he was so creative.  Too bad he let me know because I will use this talent in the future somehow.

Here's this year's pumpkin.

I usually have trouble waking Bean up in the mornings.  She can be a little grouchy when woken up.  I have NO IDEA where she gets this trait from.  None whatsoever.

But this morning was different.  All I had to say was "It's Halloween Day!  You get to wear your costume."

She hopped right out of bed.  This is something else I will have to use in the future.

She put on her dress and she looked beautiful.  Her hair didn't quite cooperate but I have come to realize that whenever there is something going on where I want Bean to look exceptionally cute or when she'll have her picture taken a lot, her hair turns against me.  My hair does the same thing to me but now this is the second generation of hair that is pullin' a 'tude on me and I really don't appreciate it.  Oh well...

Here is Beanerella!

Happy Halloween from us to you!

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Holly said...

Bean is the perfect princess in her dress :)