Thursday, October 27, 2011

Etsy Share - Zombies!


I love to watch zombie movies and shows.  The show, The Walking Dead, films around where we live and Zombieland filmed in here, too.  I have no idea why the genre appeals to me but it does.  

The other night Hubz and I were talking about Halloween costumes and I said I wanted to be a zombie.  Bean was playing nearby and she spoke up and said:

(looking at me) "You can be a Mommy zombie, and Daddy can be a Daddy zombie and I'm going to be Cinderella."  

Okay, sounds good.

I created this week's treasury with zombies on the brain.  (Ha!  Lame joke there but I'm laughing.)

Please feel free to add a link to your treasury or a favorite item found on Etsy below.  You're treasury doesn't have to be about zombies.  Let's say it can be about any creature you want!  Enjoy!


Fordy said...

Awesome Pinkie!

My dear Daughter is also dressing up as a Zombie for Halloween (and my costume will be turned into a Zombie costume for the Zombie-Walk next year)

Holly said...

A great one for Halloween just around the corner! I think I have 3 wks to catch up on!