Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Founder's Day 2011

2011 marked the 100th birthday for our hometown. Every year in September the town puts on a Founder's Day celebration. Just to impress you all, my great-grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the town. He ran a small general store and had his own farm. The home I grew up in was the one he built the same year the town was established. Sadly, it is now gone but I remember it well.

On Saturday, we went to watch the parade. I have to say that the pre-parade events will make this parade go down in my own history books as one of the most memorable and one of the strangest I have ever attended. Just know this one thing, my little chickadees - crazy is out there and it will rise up and bite you on the butt whenever it can.

Bean was excited about the parade. She racked up on candy. And now she keeps asking every morning "is there a parade today?" No. Thank God.

That evening we went back for the fair.  Thankfully, no run ins with crazy this time.

Here's Bean and the carousel.

This was Bean last year on the same carousel.  Hard to believe.

Next was the train.  She was the conductor again.

This was the first time she could ride the swings and she loved it.

Let's not forget the four wheelers.

And Daddy was so nice to take her down the fun slide.  Thank you Daddy!

And the evening wouldn't be complete without another ride or five on the carousel again.

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