Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Etsy Love - Hanging with my Gnomies

I have long been a fan of Etsy. I love all the handmade and vintage items that I have found. I have been doing my kinda-sorta-regular Pinkie's Picks posts where I share great ideas or projects I find while wasting time on the internet. I mean, while I'm doing unbelievably important tasks at my desk - NOT goofing off or anything like that.

But this week I thought I'd add something new to the mix of hodge-podge that I write on this blog. I'm sharing items I have found and fell in love with on Etsy.

I haven't really come up with a cute name for this series yet so it could change if I decide to keep posting these. But this week's Etsy Love is on a topic that is very near and dear to my heart - GNOMES!

I love gnomes. They are so adorable. I want to surround myself with the lovable woodland creatures but have been told that such actions might come off as a little crazy. A little more crazy than I am normally.  So instead of "walking on this side of crazy", I'll just share the gnome love with you all.

Gnome Sweet Home Peasant Dress by MrsLaura30

Garden Gnome Couple by PhenomeGNOME

Mushroom fairy house by jilliansoriginals

To see the rest of my Gnome Treasury, click here.

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