Monday, August 2, 2010

Bean' s Top Ten.

Bean, like most toddlers, loves music.  She loves to sing and dance around.  You don't always understand what she's singing but you know she's belting it out in her own way.  I thought I'd share Bean's groovy tunes with you.

Bean's Top Ten Favorite Songs (07-28-2010)

10.  Rock-a-bye Baby - Not sure if that's the correct name but it's the song with the baby in a tree.  Why would you put a baby in a tree?

9.  Frere Jacques  - Only Bean sings the English version.  She's got "Brother John, Brother John" down really well.  The rest of the lines - gobbledey-gook.

8.  Boom Boom Pow  - What?  Not a nursery rhyme song?  Come on, y'all.  Everybody knows Fergie likes teaching us all how to spell.  G-L-A-M....yeah, I knew how to spell long before Fergie came on the scene.  But kiddies think she's awesome.  And it's got a great beat. 

7.  Itsy Bitsy Spider  - I wonder if that ole spider will ever get tired of climbing that rain spout?

6.  Hey Soul Sister by Train  - She sways her head side to side when this comes on.  And God help you if you ever try and change the radio station when any of these songs are playing.  Chaos ensues.  "I want to hear my muzsick!"

5.  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Of course any girl likes singing about "diamonds up so high", right?

4.  Poker Face. - Thanks, Giggles.  Giggles is a grandma that loves to shake her groove thing.  She thinks it's the funniest thing to see a being so small sing "p-p-p-oker face".  And Bean does it quite well.

3.  Telephone - Again, thanks, Giggles.  I'm sure Child Services is just adding this to their file.  Bean likes singing "telephone" over and over while she's talking into her play telephone.  I just pray that she never starts singing "sippin' on bub".  That will be a parenting high point, I think.

2.  A B C.  She can sing this quite well.  "Lello, n, and p".

And the top of the chart winner goes's a tie.

1.  Halo by Beyonce and Baby by Justin Bieber.  These two switch by the day.  For a long time, all Bean wanted to listen to was Halo.  Just this morning though, on the way to summer camp, Bean requested Baby.  I don't mind playing Baby.  It's an infectious tune.  You can bop along to it.

Bean does more than bopping.  She can sing the whole song.  She especially likes to sing "I'll buy you any ting.  I'll buy you any ting".  She doesn't get there's a ring involved, just tings. I have no idea how she knows all the words to this song.  Maybe I should consult Giggles on this one. 


Holly said...

That was fun! I think Kyndra's most sung songs are ABCs, Mary Had A Little Lamb, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Courtney said...

That's hilarious. We don't listen to Pop or whatever is current really. I hear some new stuff occasionally, like Michael Franti or however it's spelled. Our two year old likes the song with the lyrics "but one thing, i know, is I love you, i love you, i love you, i love you." Actually, that's her fave part.
Otherwise, it's old swinger music (Bing, Frankie, Louis, etc..), metal, alternative, country... Ok, everything but the current pop. Ew on Fergie. lol Of course, there is her favorite, Down By The Bay by Raffi & Baby Beluga also courtesy of Raffi.