Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 4th recap.

I haven't gotten around to posting some Fourth of July pictures. We spent time at Hubz' grandparent's place in Alabama. Bean could not wait to get in the water. Mean ole Hubz made her wait until after lunch while all of her older cousins got to go in earlier. He's a mean one, Mr. Hubz.

Bean enjoyed a celebratory cupcake. After all, cupcakes are the backbone of America, right? Well, they should be.
After the cupcake, the Cupcake finally got to go swimming.  She loves to swim, hates the life vest.  It's not that fashionable after all even though she does her best to rock the look.

The g-rents have a huge slide on a platform in the water.  They have it hooked up somehow so that water runs down the slide.  The kids love to go down this slide and land in the water.  Bean kept saying she wanted to go down the slide, too.  I thought she was crazy.  See, I can't swim.  I've never been on this slide but I've seen many others that have made the trip.  There's quite a splash at the end. 

I didn't really want her to get on this thing but I don't want to be a mom that holds her back from anything.  She didn't really understand the whole concept though.  She just saw a slide, saw her cousins doing it, and she was sold on the idea.  So Bean's sweet and patient cousin, Sporty Spice, took her up the slide and slid down the thing with Bean on her lap.  Hubz was at the bottom of the slide to try and catch Bean.  I guess as they were coming down the slide, Hubz decided it wasn't a good idea to try and stop the speeding slippery children that were coming right at him. 

So, being the Father of the Year that he is, he stepped to the side and the girls went right girl that is great at swimming, and the other girl that can't even say "swimming" correctly.  Can you guess which one no longer wants to ever go down that slide again???

But after all the water was drained out of the child and she spent some calming time in Mommy's arms, she was ready to go back in the water.  But no where near that slide contraption.  Here's our conversation about it:

Pinkie:  Bean, did you go down the slide?

Bean:  Mmm huh.  (cough) (gasp) (wheeze)

Pinkie:  Was it fun?

Bean:  (blink) (blink) (gasp) Mmm huh.  (cough) (cough) (cough)

Pinkie:  Do you want to go back down it again?

Bean:  UH UN!  No, Mommy.  No.

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