Monday, July 26, 2010

Home alone.

I was left home alone this weekend. All by myself. Just me. Party of one.

Hubz took Bean to visit his grandparents this weekend and I got to stay home. Visiting his grandparents was just a cover to go fishing. I'm not fooled.

I will say I was sorta shocked that Hubz VOLUNTEERED to take Bean with him. Yes, he did. I know, right?!? Shocker.

So I was left to my own devices to entertain myself. I was going to go see a movie on Sunday. I love going to the movies by myself. You get to see what you want. You don't have to worry about someone else enjoying the film you've picked out. AND, and this is the best part, you don't have to share your popcorn or Raisinettes with anyone. But I did not move my behind off the couch all day so I missed the joy of chocolate-covered raisins that cost $2 a box. Oh well.

That's right. I stayed on the couch the whole time. I did do some laundry so at least I wasn't a complete slacker. But that couch and I were best friends all weekend.

I was able to watch movies and tv shows that I wanted to without any unsolicited remarks from any fellow viewers. I didn't have to try and wrangle the remote control away from anyone. It was so peaceful. I think on Sunday I watched 3 movies before 1pm. Three. It was simply blissful.

This weekend was just what I needed to recharge after having a not-so-good week last week. It was nice to rediscover my inner slob. But I did start to miss my honeys before long. Thankfully, they made it home safe and sound. Now back to real life and fighting over the remote.


Holly said...

Wow! He actually volunteered!!! Whoa....

I think I would be lazy too!! When my mom took Kyndra for a week I didn't do a whole lot!

Tracy H. said...

Inner slob... I love it !

Tracy H. said...

inner it! Sounds like you had a great time :-)

Mighty M said...

Exactly what I would have done too - and I would have loved every quiet moment (while missing the travelers a ton of course!).