Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Lipstick Incident

One morning last week, I woke up and checked on Bean.  She was still sleeping so I tucked her in nice and warm and then went to hop in the shower.  I left our bathroom door open a little bit so I could hear her if she woke up while I was showering.  She normally sleeps through and doesn't waddle into the bathroom until I'm out of the shower and getting ready.

When I stepped out of the shower, I noticed that the bathroom door was open wider and when I turned around to say "Good Morning" to Bean, this is what I saw.


Bean had decided she wanted to do her make-up and thought using half a tube of Estee Lauder lipstick was the best way to get that "perfect face".  Well, most of it did wind up on her face but I know she also snacked on some of it, too.

*I apologize for the fuzziness of the pictures.  I took them with my iPhone.  That phone used to take really great pics but now seems to have fallen off some.

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