Monday, July 27, 2009

Homelife Happenings

Things have been pretty slow at home.  We didn't do much of anything this weekend.  Our refrigerator died on Friday so we fought debated Saturday if we should buy a new one or try and find one off Craigslist.  I didn't want to buy a new one cause we didn't have enough saved for one that I would be happy with and Hubz wasn't too thrilled about finding one off Craigslist.  So The Man, my father-in-law, told us to take one he had in his garage and use it until we figured out what we wanted to do.  He had bought this one a year or so ago and it didn't fit in their space so it has been running and living in the garage.  So that problem is solved or at least shelved for awhile.

Bean is in one of her "I don't want to eat" modes.  She'll eat it if it is junk or fruit but other than that, forget it.  I am tempted to start dipping all of her food in chocolate to see if that will help but I just can't imagine eating chocolate-dipped green beans or chocolate-dipped chicken.  Ugh.

Bean doesn't know it yet but her bottle days are numbered.  Yes, she is STILL on the bottle.  I was very slow at getting to this stage because Bean was on the low-end of the weight charts and she got most of her calories from Pediasure and instant breakfast drinks through her bottle.  But I am thinking that she has a mindset that the "ba-ba" is her primary food source and real food is just a side-show.  So I think if we get rid of the bottle, then she might be more apt to eat the food we give her.  Any thoughts or tips?  I am really dreading this but I know it has to be done.  Hubz spoke up and said "I've seen 3 year-olds still on the bottle.  What's the big deal?  Leave her alone."  I told him he wasn't in the running for Dad of the Year and to get back on my team.

On a more personal front, I got out of jury duty this morning.  I showed up, sat around, and then they released us because all of the cases on the calendar had been settled.  Good job, lawyers.  What a way to earn your paychecks.  Then I did something pretty stupid.  I went to work.  Why?  Why didn't I go shopping?  Get a massage? Have my tea leaves read?  Something.  They wouldn't have known I was released so early.  I am so dumb.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.

What does the week have in store for all of you?
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