Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No changing tables? I'm callin' you out!!!

Okay, I'll admit it.  This would never have entered my realm of thought a year ago.  And if I would have heard some other chick complaining about this, I would have rolled my eyes, said "whatever lady". 

But that was the old me, the 15 lbs lighter me, the me without any formula or baby food stains on my clothes, the me that got good night's sleep.  I barely remember that me.  I start to miss her sometimes but then I look at Bean and well, you know...

Today's rant is restaurants that do not put changing tables in the women's bathroom.  I'm not even worrying about the men's bathroom right now.  Heck, if an establishment can't see the logic in slapping one on a wall in the ladies' room, I know they aren't progressive enough to even think of the guys' room.  I just don't understand the thinking of building a nice new restaurant and overlooking such a common item. 

Sure you have brand new flat-screen televisions hanging on the walls, sure you have the cutest "flair" on your waiters...but what about a table secured to a wall in a freakin' bathroom so that little tiny human beings don't have to be put on the floor or the sink countertop or balanced like a circus midget (little person) while they are being "refreshed"???

Two of the most recent encounters with changing tabled-challenged restrooms are H.J. Wings N Things in Palmetto, GA and Blue-Eyed Daisy Cafe in Serenbe in/around Palmetto. 

First - H.J. Wings N Things.  Brand new restaurant.  Just opened on Sept. 2nd.  The changing table must still be on order.  Restroom is very nice and CLEAN - or it was on our Monday evening visit.  Okay, so maybe this is a little bit bordering on the movie Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon where she's in a bar and sees an old girlfriend and she delivers the line about the girl having her baby in a bar.  Maybe the owners think of their restaurant as a bar and well mannered people would never take their babies into bars.  Okay, if it's a bar...why are there kids' menus, highchairs and boosters, and coloring sheets and crayons????   Hmmm...wacky.

Second - Blue-Eyed Daisy "Bakeshop" Cafe in Serenbe in Palmetto.  Serenbe is supposed to be this new eco-friendly, self sustaining community.  Well, you might can get a BLT with all organic veggies there, but you have to put your kid on the floor in the one-toilet sparse bathroom with a drain in the floor to take care of her "organic" offerings.

Restauaranteurs, women frequent your establishments.  Women have babies.  Women take those same babies with them when they venture out in public.  How's about making their lives a little bit easier while you're taking their money.
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