Monday, July 18, 2011

Staycation 2011!

Well Staycation 2011 has come and gone. We are back to our regularly scheduled lives now.


We didn't do much on our vacation this year. We are trying to pay down on our debts so we really limited our vacation budget. But even without having tons of activities to do, we still enjoyed each other's company. At least I think we did.

On Monday, there was nothing planned so we hung out around the house and waited for it to cool off. Once it did, we took Bean to a local park that she really wanted to visit again. While there, I thought I'd check a geocaching app on my phone to see if there were any finds close by.  I had never heard of geocaching until a bloggy friend of mine, The Cakeologist, wrote about it in this post.

Sure enough there was a hidden treasure in the park. Hubz eventually found it because I wasn't too keen on the idea of picking my way through the great wilderness, i.e. the well manicured lawn. Nope, I didn't want to put my uncovered toesies in the brush near what may or may not have been poison ivy or run the risk of coming in contact with some heinous creature from hell like a snake or a deadly ladybug or whatnot. Yes, I am a Georgia girl born and bred but I shrink away from most outdoor activities of this sort which is why I plainly resemble Casper, The Friendly Ghost.

Once the hidden treasure was found, we opened it and looked inside. It was just a rolled up sheet of paper for folks to add their name and where they were from. It was interesting to read all the names and the places they lived. Bean wanted to see it so I told her to hold it up so I could take a picture of her with the tube.

She's nothing if not literal.

It was interesting.  We'll probably try and find another one or two, as long as Hubz is there to do the dirty work.

On Tuesday we visited the Georgia Aquarium.  We just knew that Bean would be amazed at all the fish and sea creatures there.  We were wrong.  She was really only interested in the slide and the gift shop.  (That's my girl!)  The aquarium has a section for kids to climb and slide through and that was her favorite part.  We showed her tank after tank of fish, whales, sea horses, starfish, you name it.  All I got out of her was "Look at that little girl's shoes!  They are pretty!"  All I could do was smile at Hubz and move along.  Again, that's my girl.

We finally got her to take a break from the climbing and sliding so that I could get a picture of the cutest little fish face you've seen all day.

I'll have more pictures to share with you tomorrow.  

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