Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Halloween 2010

I wanted to share some pictures of Bean in her Halloween costume. I had worked really hard on an Abby Cadabby costume for about 3 weeks when she informed me that she didn't want to be Abby, she wanted to be Minnie Mouse. Wha? But I...okay, let's go to the store.

So we found the last 2T Minnie Mouse costume in town and Bean got her wish.

Introducing Beannie Mouse.

Our first stop of the evening was Nano's where Bean got to see all of her cousins dressed up.  Then it was off to Nanny Red's for a short visit.

Bean was really starting to get the hang of this trick-or-treating business so she was ready to head off downtown to start plundering.  I will try and share a picture of one of the most creative homes decorated for Halloween that I've ever seen.  Hubz has that picture on his phone and I'm trying to get him to send it to me. A family transformed the whole front facade of their home into a pirate ship.  It was amazing.  Hopefully, I'll get the picture and can share it with you soon.

Bean had a very good Halloween.  She was reluctant to take off her costume and even wanted to wear it to school today.  I hope you all had a great Halloween, too.

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