Monday, October 4, 2010

A trip to the scary store.

This year opened a Halloween store in our area. I love to visit the SpiritHalloween site because they have a ton of unusual Halloween props that you can't find anywhere else so I was very excited when I heard they were gonna open a temporary store near us.  Hubz, Bean and I had a blast in the store and thought we'd share some pictures, along with my witty banter, with you.

Here's Bean deciding if she wants to make a play date with this new friend.

Note to store owners - you might want to rethink your hiring process.

A preschool teacher's worst nightmare.

"Hey Mom!  Is this what you meant when you said I'd regret not brushing my teeth?"

They did have a personal appearance by that latest boy band, the Creepozoids.  All the teenage goth girls were screaming and throwing eyeliner.

Here's Freddy,


And Pinhead.  (I think he must be foreign with a name like that.)

We had a great time at "the scary store" and hope they bring it back to town next year.
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