Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beanisms from May

Kids say the darndest things, right?  Well, I thought I would try and share with you some of the things Bean was overheard saying last month.  This may or may not become a regular blog feature.  That all depends on how funny her material is.

1.  That under scares me.  (She just discovered thunder.)

2.  Don't tell me whateber.

3.  Oh crap.  Daddy say dat.

4.  Dem ants bite me.

5.  Daddy poot-ted.

6.  I wanna go to the park.  (She says this anytime she sees one of those wooden playsets - in a park, at a church, in someone's back yard.  There seem to be a whole lotta parks I never noticed.)

7.  I bootiful.

8.  Don't put dat in my mouth.  It only goes on my lee-ips.  (Said after trying chapstick as a snack.)

9.  Is it dawrk?  (She asks us if it is dark outside at all times of the day and night.  She does this because we have told her that the park closes at dark, that she has to take a bath and go to bed when it gets dark and that she can't play outside when it's dark.  She seems to have to constantly check this I guess to make sure she gets her day's worth of fun in.)

10.  I like Hannah Monhannah.  (Her older cousins watch Hannah "Monhannah" over at Giggles' house so Bean knows who she is on sight.  I hope she finds something else to replace this soon.  And since we are from the South, when Bean says "I", it's more like "Eyyyyyeeeeee".  She already knows how to draw out her vowels!)

And my absolute favorite of all the Beanisms I've heard so far...

"I lub you".  

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