Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shame on you

I am gonna take a minute here to rant about something that I think is absolutely ridiculous, unbelievable and completely sad.  I am talking about the Octomom madness.  Now, this isn't a rant about Octomom herself, even though I could go off on that too.  But I'm sitting here watching the evening news and they just showed a blurb about Octomom bringing two of her newborn babies home today.  They showed her SUV  trying to make its way through a huge throng of paparazzi.  The paps had swarmed the SUV and were hanging all over the sides of it.  They had their cameras jammed up against the windows with flashes going off all over.

Really?  Is there that big of an interest in these babies and this mentally and emotionally challenged mom?  Whose demanding these photos?  Do grown men really think it's a good idea to hang onto a moving vehicle and probably scare newborn babies with all this noise and all the flashes?  Would anyone want this kind of homecoming reception for their newborns?  What have we become that we allow this type of thing to happen?

Granted I read and People Magazine.  I used to be the biggest collector of anything about Princess Diana.  I'm not innocent when it comes to wanting to know more about famous people.  But I don't think my interest or anyone else's that also follows celebrity news wants this type of crazed hunting of mothers and their babies, no matter how strange we think their situations are.  The paps should be ashamed of themselves.  Too bad the next time one of these jackasses brings home their own newborn baby from the hospital, they can't encounter the same kind of mass madness these poor babies got to experience tonight.
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