Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pintested, Pinkie Approved: Santa Wreath

Santa Wreath

 I found this beautiful pin from She made a Santa wreath using a wreath form, Santa hat, and tulle.

That's it.

Since there were only 3 items needed, I thought this might be a Pinterest project that I wouldn't fail on. Here's mine.

I would have liked my hat to stand up a little more so I need to either try stuffing it with newspaper or possibly readjusting the ribbon hanger. 

There were two fails on this project. One was another duel with the glue gun from hell and my fingers when I attached the Santa hat.  Bean now knows a coupla three new words that she isn't allowed use.  The second fail is I have decided to make some of these for gifts and I am still tying on that d*(&(*&P)* tulle. 

Okay, now she knows a fourth word she can't use.

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