Friday, March 22, 2013

Walk...maybe crawl...for charity.

I'm not really sure I know what I've gotten myself into but tomorrow I will be participating in a local Breast Cancer 1-Day Walk.  I joined my "longest" (we don't say oldest around here) friend, Tracy and her group, and have almost reached my goal of raising $400!  Woot woot to me!

This is really a 3.7 mile walk around Lake Peachtree which is a very pretty area here.  3.7 miles probably doesn't sound like a lot to most of you.

Most of you probably don't need a nap after doing 3 loads of clothes either.  Well, to be honest, I can take a nap any time, with or without housework involved.  But to say that I am on the low-end of the physically fit spectrum would be the most truthful thing you might say this year.

I don't work out.  I don't exercise.  Frankly, those two words make me feel like napping.

Just look at this picture from a past walk.

Those chicks look like they mean business!  They are almost running.  Sheesh.  You see the chicks way in the back?  That will be me.

So I am hoping that I don't embarrass myself, my team or my family name.  I also hope I don't sprain anything, break anything, fall into the lake or find myself in the back of an ambulance or hearse at any point tomorrow.  I did buy new running shoes and have already had the talk with them that they probably will not live up to their true potential having been unlucky enough for me to purchase them.  I haven't bought new running shoes in 7 years.  Did I mention I don't exercise much?  Yeah, so maybe at least I will look cute on my way around the lake.

If you would like to read more about the walk or even possibly be so generous as to donate, please take a look at my walker page.  Hopefully I can post some pictures if I make it back alive.

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