Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pinterest Projects - Bunny Eggs

This year Bean's class will have an Easter party and egg hunt.  All the students had to bring in filled eggs for the egg hunt.  I found this adorable idea one day on Pinterest and thought it would be a great activity for us to do.

Look at how cute those ribbon eggs are.  These are the creation of Christina from I Gotta Create!

Ribbon ear bunnies from plastic eggs @  I Gotta Create!

I pulled together my supplies but realized I didn't have any wired ribbon that would work.  Everything I had was either really wide or for a different holiday.  Christina also made these chenille eared ones and I had some pink chenille that I thought would work.  But nope, the chenille I had was too fat to go through the holes in the eggs.

What we did have on hand was plain old white pipe cleaners.  Fine.  Not as flashy but fine.  Whatever.  (Can you notice the slightest crafting disappointment there?)

We cut the pipe cleaners in half and ran them through the holes.  Hubz actually helped us and this was his job.  Bean had said that she wanted us to do this "as a family".  Hubz put on a smile and started making bunny ears.  Isn't he a good Daddy?

I hot glued on the eyes and the tails.  My fingers are still recovering.  They'll be fine as soon as the crusty wears off.

Bean made the bunny faces.  She is getting to be a pro at making faces on our crafts.

So here's our version of the bunny eggs.

Look at that one being all cheeky!

Some of them needed some added washi tape to help keep their pants up.

They didn't turn out as crafty cute as the ones Christina made but Bean was very proud of them.  She thought the bunny ears and tails were the cutest.

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