Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bal-la-lay Girl

Bean has been begging for well, forever, to take ballet classes.  She calls it "bal-la-lay".  I didn't realize that dance classes followed the school year so we were a little late on getting her into a class.

The instructor was recommended to me by a friend so Bean and I stopped by to see what they offered and if we could still be added to the class.  The instructor was extremely nice and told us it was no problem for Bean to join in a little late.

So we signed her up.  This past week she had her very first class.  She was very excited to go to class.

I have never taken any type of dance class.  My natural grace and elegance is a true testament to that fact.

So having never taken a class, I did not realize that the normal procedure for parents is to "drop and run".   I thought I'd be able to watch and take pictures.  Nope.  Deliver the kid and scram is the rule, I guess.

So the only pictures I have of her in her leotard are these less than quality ones I took really quickly before class.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some better ones to share as we go along.

Our little Bal-la-lay Girl!

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