Friday, August 3, 2012

She did what???

Everyday Bean comes home from her pre-PreK class with a note on how she behaved that day, if she ate well, and if she took a nap.  Yesterday when I picked her up, she gave me those puppy dog eyes and said "Mommy, I have to show you sumpfing."

This sentence is always a toss up on how it will end.  But it wasn't looking too good at that moment.

She opens her folder and hands me her sheet and says "I got a yellow today".

This is what the sheet said.

If you have wonky eyesight, here's a transcript:

"Bean had a fun day on our water slide today but after when she was changing with a friend she got upset with her and put her hairbow in the toilet."

Uh huh.

What, pray-tell oh parenting gods, am I supposed to do with that???

I clarified that it was another little girl's hairbow that was put in the toilet and it was.  Whew.  I'm sorry, don't mean to offend anyone but...ick.

Then she gave me more info.  "Mommy there was pee pee in the toilet too."

Oh goody.  Real nice, kid.

I asked what the other little girl had done to her to cause this reaction.  She said the other little girl slapped her.  This was not substantiated by the teacher this morning so I'll have to talk to her more about that.  The teacher did say that once Bean had realized what she did and that the hairbow was floating in with the pee, that she could tell she felt really badly and apologized to the little girl.

So now Bean and I have decided that this weekend we will get the little girl a new hairbow - pee free.

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