Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

Last night I made chicken and dumplings for dinner.  I asked Bean if she wanted to help.

I let her make the dumplings.  And before we go any further, yes, we used canned biscuits to make our dumplings. We did not make them from scratch.  All you dumpling purists can kiss my...dumpling.  I have my moments of Martha just like everyone else but not last night.

Anyhoo...I separated the biscuits and Bean rolled them around in the flour mixture.  As you can see, she got as much, if not more, flour on her and her surroundings than on the actual dumpling.

But we both had fun in the kitchen together and I think that's all that mattered.

Thank you, Bean, for being Mommy's Little Helper.

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