Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meet Kyndall...that's right.

SHE has arrived!


That's right.

Introducing Kyndall...the Kindle.

Ummhmmm.  I did it.  I named her.  AND gave her a girlie name spelling, too!

Isn't she sweet?

She's dressed down for the moment but I'm working on snazzying up her wardrobe.

I attempted a new creation for her last night but it ended in a fail.  But I'm gonna try again tonight.

I really like the Kindle Fire.  It is a nice little tablet for those that can't afford a tablet. (Me.)

So far, I've added a lot of free Kindle books, apps, my digital editions of some magazines, some music and even watched some movies.  It is a little strange to go from Apple World with my iPhone and past iPods to an Android-based device.  I keep looking for my iPhone apps.  But I am enjoying the learning curve.  And so far I see nothing about it that makes me realize it was a refurbished model.

So I just have to now focus on making this girl prettier.  Too bad they don't come in pink, huh?

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