Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Whatcha Bean up to - #2?

LOL  That title definitely makes you think twice.  I promise this is not a post about poo.  Somewhere in my blogging past, I have used the title "Whatcha Bean up to" and wanted to use it again today so this is #2 in that little series, I guess.  No poo!

After I wrote my last blog post, Was I too harsh?, I got a lot of really good tips and advice.  Thank you all for that.  Most had said I should give Bean a time of how long her toys would be taken away.  I was fully prepared to tell her a time when I picked her up from preschool the following day.  I didn't get to though because there was a second occurrence of taking things so the toys remained locked up.  Then she was out of school for the next two days staying with her Nano so of course there was no chance for redemption or recidivism.

Then came that Sunday.  Bean went along with her Daddy to the grocery store and on the way home, Daddy stopped at an auto parts store.  On the way out of the store, he noticed Bean had her hand in her pocket.  He asked her what she had and it was revealed that she had slipped a pack of gum from the auto parts store in her pocket.

This kid is a real five-finger discounter for sure!

Bean got another long talk that day and spent quite a bit of time in the corner - more than Super Nanny recommends for a four year-old.

Since then there have been no more instances of five-finger discounting from Bean - that I know of.

But she still has not had her toys returned.  And it seems to me that she doesn't even miss them.  She asked one time for her doll house but that's it.  Makes you rethink the amount of things our kids have and what they can do without and what they are able to use their imagination to play with.

To be fair, this past weekend I had signed on to join in a local consignment sale and while there, I did pick up a doll set for Bean because she had been good that whole week so she has had something to play with.

Also, I am working on a project right now that will (hopefully) give us someplace to display a behavior chart, along with some other things, for Bean to see her own progress.  It involves this:

Yep, that's a large oil pan.  I am hoping to finish this project up this week so I can share it all right here with you.

So the update is there was more bad behavior but for this past week only good behavior.  Thank goodness! And thank you all for your advice.


Teri M said...

I'm intrigued by your project - can't wait to see more! Glad things have been better with Bean. :-)

Holly said...

You're totally right, sometimes when you take the toys away they don't even really miss them! Curious to see what you do w/ that oil pan