Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm nothing if not helpful!

Hubz doesn't think I'm helpful in the least.  But I think I am.  In fact, I have photographic evidence to prove exactly how helpful I can be.

We recently had to put two new tires on my car.  Hubz asked me for input several times.  I honestly didn't understand what there was to discuss.  So when he texted me his inquiry again I really couldn't help myself.

Yep, I've been holding onto this joke since Feb. 15th!
I thought I had scheduled this post but evidently you have to be smarter than the computer program.
I am not.
But I am HELPFUL!!!!

Okay, so yeah, maybe I wasn't very helpful to him but I was extremely helpful to ME by providing myself an opportunity to crack myself up.

See!  Helpful.

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