Friday, December 9, 2011

Glowstick Bath

Awhile back I ran across a blog post by The Zinnia Patch sharing her idea of putting glowsticks in the bath tub. I knew Bean would love this.

So one night last week I filled up a tub for her nightly bath and decided I would surprise her with the glowsticks.  Bean has started objecting to bath time.  She knows it's the beginning of the end of the day and she isn't ready to stop playing each night so now she balks at taking a bath.

While she was still playing I snuck into the bathroom and started the bath.  I turned out all the lights and the light from the glowsticks were enough to light up the room nicely.

Sure enough though when I went to get Bean, she started squawking that she didn't need a bath.  Once I told her I had a surprise for her, she was singing a different tune.

This is what she saw when she went into the bathroom.

Here's a picture with the tub light on so you can see it better.

She really loved playing with the glowsticks in the tub.  In fact, I had to make her get out.  That's definitely a change from the usual. She has already asked twice for another glowstick bath.  You can get a tube of these sticks for $1 at most craft stores.  It's a fun change of pace activity if you have a child that doesn't want to take their bath.

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Holly said...

the girls love glowsticks!