Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meet the new additions.

Last week Bean and I stopped into a local teacher supply store looking for a nap mat blanket thingie for her new school.

Sidebar - I still can't believe the child that fights naps and bedtime at home can take a two hour nap in a room full of other anklebiters every day. How is this possible???

While at this store, something caught Bean's eye...something I tried to direct her AWAY no avail.    She must have spent 10 minutes standing there completely entranced by these...things.

She wanted to bring them home with us right then. Mommy Logic finally kicked in and I came up with a couple of brilliant reasons why we couldn't do that.

But she was still talking about these...things...three days later. I had another brilliant idea, or so I thought, and we took her to a pet store so she could weigh all of her options. I was hoping to entice her towards something cuddlier or at least something with fur. No such luck.

So without further adieu, please meet the newest members of the Bean family...

Introducing Phineas and Ferb!

Phineas and Ferb are African Dwarf frogs.  I don't know much about what that means other than they are not supposed to outgrow this box aquarium.  They are NEVER supposed to come of this box aquarium!

Phineas is lighter than Ferb and more outgoing.  Or as outgoing as a frog can be.  I was holding onto the hope that when Hubz saw these...things...his Daddy Logic would kick in and come up with wonderful, mindbending reasons why these...things...couldn't come home with us.  Nope.  Now he spends as much time frog gazing as Bean does.

As long as they stay inside that box thing, I guess they can stay.

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