Friday, July 8, 2011

What we did while Daddy went fishing. (2011)

{This post was intended to be published last year but don't know why it was stuck in the drafts folder.  I'm publishing it now so that Bean will have it here in her "baby book".)

Bean and I did a few fun things this past weekend while Hubz went fishing.

We did an "acti-bit-tee" cause we "lub acti-bit-tees". We experimented with color shading and mixing. I got this idea from Chasing Cheerios.

Bean used a lollipop stick to swirl the food coloring around to see the different shades she could make.

When I told her it was okay to use her hands, she went a little wild.

She really enjoyed it.


We also dressed up some flip flops.

And enjoyed a chocolate bar...or three.

As you can see, we were able to keep busy just the two of us.  I know Hubz is jealous of our flip flops.  He'll think about that the next time he goes fishin' instead of hanging out with us. 

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