Thursday, April 14, 2011

That's what you get for leaving the door open.

When I got home from work last night, there was a small gift bag on our entry table. I looked it over and asked Hubz where it came from. He looked at me and said, “well, there’s a story behind that bag.”

Uh oh. Maybe I should sit down.

Yesterday, Hubz picked Bean up from Nanny Red’s for me. When they got home, they decided to hang out outside for a bit. Bean wanted to get in her swing on the front porch, so, of course, Hubz complied.

The swinging didn’t sit well with Bean and after a bit, she got sick to her stomach. When I say sick, she got sick all over herself and her Daddy. Ewww...glad I was at work.

So Hubz wrangled her out of the swing and quickly rushed her into the bathroom and chunked put her in the tub. Hubz stripped Bean down and while the water was running, he took off his shorts and shirt. Now, don’t start calling DFACS on him yet. He had his undershirt and briefs on. He wasn’t doing any flashing.

But later on as he’s telling me this story, he says “you know when I was bathing Bean, I thought I heard something in the house.” Really? Why?

“Oh, I was in such a hurry to get her in the tub, I just left the front door open.”

(Loud sigh. Eyes rolling.)

“And then when I got her outta the tub and dressed again, we came out and that bag was just sitting there inside the door.”

(Panic.) Oh no.

See, we’ve been going to a new church for about three weeks now. The bag was from a deacon from this church. It’s a Baptist church and Baptists just loooooove to drop by.

Hubz believed that the bag dropper came to the door and knocked. When they saw the front door standing wide open with no one answering it, they probably did what any character in any standard horror movie does and came walking on in, only to see Hubz in his underoos bathing our puke-covered toddler. They probably were mortified and turned and ran as fast as their blessed little feet would take them.

Now, I’m mortified. We just can’t seem to make new friends.

I guess we’ll be trying another new church this weekend.

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