Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shiney Hiney

Here's a story a friend of mine told me I should post for future Bean embarrassment. Bean, if you do read this one day and get mad, blame Iowa.

Bean is very small in the waist so I have to modify all of her pants in some way with a toddler belt or safety pins. This morning, as they do each morning when I drop her off at school, one of the teachers will come out to the car and get her and walk her up the stairs and into the school.

When I put Bean in her car seat this morning she told me that her pants were slipping. I told her we'd fix it at school but I forgot all about it by the time we got there. So I'm sitting in my car watching the teacher and Bean go up the steps and I think "That's not right. What is that?"

You could see the bottom of Bean's sweater and then...nothing but butt.

Her pants had completely fallen down and taken her tights and underwear with them. The teacher didn't even notice. Her little patooty was hanging out for all to see.

I busted out laughing and thought to myself "there's my kid showing her butt again".

I had to park and go in and change her pants. She said to me "that was cold".

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